Forty-Eight Hours

Originally posted on October 16, 2017

That is exactly how long it took for me to receive a negative comment on my first YouTube video. The comment didn’t really bother me but it did remind me that I’d forgot to turn on approval needed for everything. That’s fixed now so thanks know it all lady, you did me a solid.

 I have been an avid viewer of YouTube for a very, very long time. So long it wasn’t even the cool thing when I started watching, kind of like Hulu. My monthly subscription is $3 a month because I am grandfathered in. One of my favorite YouTube influencers is Stephanie Nicole, a beauty “guru” who works in the industry so she has a different outlook a lot of the times on products. I enjoy watching her and I follow her Instagram. She’s actually the reason I opened up my personal Instagram account to begin with. I am a real person and so is she. At times too real for the general public but I still dig her.

 Anywho, she has never made it a secret that all of her comments are moderated. She has someone who assists her because her channel is now so large she cannot keep up with it herself. She’s has always been extremely blunt with her thoughts on the matter. “It’s my channel, my little plot of virtual real estate and it’s how I want it because I don’t want to deal with negativity.” I didn’t think I needed to utilize that feature because well, it’s crochet. How dramatic can crochet be? Well, I was wrong.

 Needless to say I am adopting her train of thought immediately. Nipping it in the bud if you will. I won’t have it. Not in my little plot of virtual real estate. It may be small with a dirt drive way and no flowers yet but it’s mine. Now that that’s out of my system, lets get on to some fun stuff shall we?

 I finished the Ulyne Unicorn Hood last night. It took ages but it is probably my own fault. I am not a fan of chunky yarn or bulky yarn so I used “normal” sized yarn which meant that I had to do some serious math and adjusting through the whole process. It also meant that it took way longer than it would have if I’d of used what the pattern called for. I made a great many changes to the pattern because I wanted a bit more detail as well.

 The result I am pleased to say made me giggle, not just any giggle but a giggle that began in my pinky toe and bubbled all the way up my body. It’s adorable and I am so happy that I stuck with it. There were many times I did not want to. I am still not certain I ever want to work another half double crochet stitch again in this lifetime. I’ll have to take some pictures tonight and post them for you all to see tomorrow. I was in bed when I applied the final tassels and wasn’t about to get up and take a picture. Nor was I not going to talk about it today. It’s been an adventure and I’m too excited about it being finished not to speak about it.

 I am going to spend the next week working the Virus to Granny Shawl I started for the video and for the group project. I gave the group an entire month to complete it but I want to get it completed so I can move on to a mermaid tail and a dragon tail because I’d like to have them finished by Christmas. Well, in time to mail them back east for Christmas rather. 

 The tails are other projects that I’ll probably end up taking great creative license with because I cannot find a pattern I truly love. I want to do them in crocodile stitches because I like the depth the stitch gives but I have yet to find a pattern that is calling to me. In the end I’ll probably take a few patterns and mesh them together.

 For the mermaid tail I am going to be using Red Heart Super Saver in Wildflowers. It is such a beautiful color way that truly is going to be stunning as a mermaid tail. I do wish they had a version that was reds, oranges and yellows to use for the dragon tail. I really think the Wildflowers color way gives another level of depth to the scales I’ve made when testing. I fear the dragon tail will be wanting in comparison to the mermaid tail.

 Aside from my crossing over 100 views on my first YouTube upload I have nothing else exciting to report. Just another lunch hour here spent typing away at this blog wishing I could be at home crocheting.

 Side note before I stop for the day: I really need to find a way to organize all of my yarn so I can have it in one place. The sewing table is covered. I have boxes and mesh sacks filled in yarn stuffed in the closets. I have yarn piled up on my bedside table AND under it. I have yarn piled up on the end table next to where I sit on the couch. I have yarn on my now “filming” work station. Seriously, it’s becoming an issue. I do wish I had the wall space to put up some of those pretty shelves I always see in pictures where people show their stashes. I just don’t, unless it’s in one of the common area rooms of the house. That idea gives me anxiety just thinking about it. I’d end up killing the cats for pulling all the yarn off the shelves to play with! Future projects to think of that I’ll probably never get around to doing.

 Until tomorrow!

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