Virus Meets Granny Shawl Tutorial

Originally posted on October 14, 2017

It’s here, the day is finally here… My first video tutorial ever. October 14, 2017. I’ll have to try to remember this day because if everything goes according to my grand plan in a year I’ll have a reason to pop open some bubbly!

 In case you missed it in my first blog post, Miss Jinty Lyons gave me permission to film a tutorial on the Virus Meets Granny Shawl. I really had no idea what I was getting myself into but, I’d opened my big mouth, people were counting on me and retreat was not an option. It’s not perfect but hopefully it will help the people in my group, perhaps others as well and make Jinty happy in the process. That is the hope anyway. I could bomb here. After I post this I plan to go hide under my blanket in bed for a few hours until I know it’s safe to return to the world.

 I am stress eating, ironic yet again. My nerves are so bad I brought home two dozen doughnuts plus four because I somehow missed seeing the pumpkin ones on the shelf until I’d already paid. I’m two deep into them already.. one still left on the plate next to me. They are going straight to my thighs, I can feel it with every bite. I am hoping that once I get better at filming and editing that my stress levels won’t get so high on posting day. If not I’ll absolutely have to force myself into a better coping pattern. If I don’t the members of my group will keep themselves out of the refrigerator but I’ll take up residence inside and that simply will not do.

 I posted the link to the video in an Instagram post and I’ve just gotten my first like on it. Do any of you get giddy when you get likes? I don’t really know how to work Instagram just yet, I am trying my best to learn but I have found myself hovering over each post I make with anticipation until the likes start to roll in. Now that I’ve typed it and read the words back to myself that sounds horribly unhealthy or a bit crazy. Ah well, I did warn you in previous posts.

 Back to the topic, the video… It’s an hour and a half long. I took my time explaining the stitches and the pattern with it’s repeats because there are several people in my Facebook Group who didn’t even own a hook when they joined. The video is geared towards folks who are just learning. I did my best to hold hands as tightly as possible through the process because I promised them I would. The video after all really is for them, if anyone else stumbles across it and finds it helpful that is a bonus.

 Check out the video, give it a thumbs up, subscribe if you’d like to see future videos and enjoy learning to make something beautiful!

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