If it can go wrong, it will.

So I missed posting yesterday but I do have a very good excuse. An excuse so good that even those who are tasked with staying on my hind parts have given me a free pass on the matter.

So this is what happened:

Yesterday while sitting at my office on my lunch hour, instead of crocheting like I normally do I decided that I would dedicate that time to attempting to link all of my social media platforms to each other and to my website/blog. Easy peasy lemon squeasy right? Wrong! I learned quickly that in order to verify that the blog site was my own I needed to have a premium subscription to Wix, which is the service I was hosting my blog on. I have used WordPress in previous years but I kept seeing the ads for Wix on YouTube and figured I’d give it a shot.

Now I’ll be honest here, it took me all of ten minutes to find a theme that I liked and have my blog site completely set up and functioning. That was the great part about it. I liked it a lot and the features were pretty nifty. What I didn’t like was seeing that I needed to pay $168 a year for a premium account with them in order to link my YouTube account. Insert melt down here. I mean, serious melt down. I only had it up for two weeks but I’d grown rather attached to it and I did not relish the idea of transferring over all of the posts I’d made to another site.

About that time I get a text, with a Goober in the Ulyne Unicorn Hood I’d made. It still makes me giggle and smile so the timing couldn’t of been more perfect. I explain why I am having a melt down and we begin the search through other blog hosting websites to see if I can find a free option to do what I wanted to do. Before I could actually educate myself on the options out there she sends me a text and tells me to go check my email. Wah! She registered my domain and gifted me a years subscription to WordPress! This is gonna be great! I know WordPress! I can work it. No problem!

Wrong again. It’s been four years since I actually blogged anything on WordPress and they’ve updated their systems considerably. Not that it’s a bad thing I just don’t know where anything is anymore. I spent six hours last night working on the site which is why I did not blog. I am still not completely happy with it so if you happen to be the one person on the planet who decides to frequent the site at the moment you’ll see some changes. I’ll probably break things, many times but sacrifices must be made in order to achieve greatness. It’s science.

I did not get to crochet last night which is probably a main reason I am so wound up. Crocheting truly does calm me down and gives me an avenue to release all the tension that has built up in me through out the day. Missing crochet is almost as bad as waking up and realizing I forgot to set the coffee maker the night before. Tragedy.

As if all of the above wasn’t stressful enough today I realized that I made a horrible error in the video tutorial I filmed of the Virus Meets Granny Shawl. The shawl works out fine, it still looks fine but it doesn’t follow along with the pattern Jinty created so it’s not fine in my mind. I am not thrilled with the idea of having to refilm the video yet again but I am going to. I know it’s my first tutorial and video on YouTube so it isn’t going to be perfect but the error is just to great for me to overlook it. I also cannot just mesh a correction into the footage I already have because the error effects another row down the line. It’s a mess. I screwed up. But, I’ll fix it. This weekend, I’ll fix it.

I am a mess. I need some calming television and crochet. I think I will spend the rest of my evening doing a mindless granny pattern something or another in scrap pieces of yarn just to unwind and find my center again. I hear Julie & Julia calling my name.

This is fine. Everything is fine. I’m fine. This is going to be fine.

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