Baby Steps

Who am I kidding with that title huh? I do not know the meaning of baby steps and it’s been said more than once that if I do anything I do it big. One good thing about my tutorial flub is that it is giving me the option to fix all of the things I wish I would have done in the first one.

Things like, holding my work for a few seconds before I stopped filming so I could splice them together more seamlessly. Or, having an intro video.. which I’ve taken care of this very evening. Want to see? I know you do!


Isn’t it beautiful!? I think it is! I really love it. I also spent a lot of time on the website today and I believe I’ve finally gotten it to a place where I really like it. I’m sure I’ll add more here and there or remove here and there but for now I am digging it.

It’s pretty late now because I’ve spent all my time this evening on the video so I am going to go hunker down in bed and crochet for a few minutes before sleep finds me. Tomorrow is Friday and that means I get to begin filming again. I cannot say I am excited about it but I am looking forward to making corrections.

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