Frogging, frogging and more frogging.

Remember when I said that I wasn’t going to crochet during the new shows last night? Well I did. A whole row and a half of granny stitches on the shawl I am making before I realized that I messed up on the center due to guess what? You got it, not paying attention. Frogged it all back and then redid it.

Same thing happened tonight, half a row of granny stitches and then the colors turned on my Mandala yarn so I frogged it all back and forced the color change. I’d of already been in another Virus grouping by now but no… the frogging.

I know there are some people who get upset with folks like me who force the color changes when using Mandala or another yarn like it. My OCD just won’t let me allow the colors to fall where they will. For me, it throws off the entire project and makes it look messy. In my eyes anyways. I can’t take it. Good thing about this shawl is the pattern calls for tassels so all the left over yarn from my forcing the color changes will be used for that.

I didn’t crochet at all on my lunch hour. Poldark is back on and I normally watch it on Monday’s during my lunch hour. Again, new shows, paying attention. It’s the crocodile stitch on the work project so I don’t even want to think about the amount of work I could mess up from not paying attention.

Speaking of crocodile stitches… I was roaming through the WordPress reader today and happened upon a post someone made about her favorite mermaid tail patterns. I saw one I’d never seen before and absolutely fell in love with it. Now I think I might hate the idea of the crocodile stitch. Maybe not. I’ll probably finish this project but in the future I will hunt down that pattern and may just have to make myself one. It truly was unique. But that will be after a scarf, a mermaid tail, a dragon tail, a mandala madness and a Demelza… and then write my own pattern for a mandala blanket. Bucket list.. I can’t allow myself to forget the bucket list.

I still haven’t recovered from Saturday night. I am not as young as I used to be. I remember a time when I could stay out until 6am then turn around and be to work at 10am and work a double. Those days are long gone. It’s 7:30 now and I have full plans of pressing publish on this blog, crawling into bed, turning on Julie and Julia for the 43rd time and crocheting until I pass out which will probably be in 30 minutes if I’m lucky.

There was something else I wanted to mention tonight but for the life of me I can’t remember. Ah well. It’ll come back to me and I’ll post about it when it does.

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