Why the hate?

You know, I don’t understand why folks make an ugly face or nasty comment when you mention that you’ve made something with or use Red Heart yarns. I thought previously that it was an acrylic thing that would cause the upset but no one ever turns their nose up at Stylecraft or Scheepjes acrylic yarns.

I’ll be the first to admit that not all Red Heart yarns are created equally. Not even all yarns within the same “range” are created equally but I don’t think they are terrible. Some of them are a bit stiff or scratchy but once they are washed they are very soft and lovely.

Maybe I am just overly sensitive to the subject because I do use so much Red Heart yarn. The main reason I do is because it is one of the very few options I have locally. I live in the middle of no where New Mexico. We literally have a WalMart, a baby WalMart at that and nothing else. There is a veeerrrry teeny Jo Anns two hours away that I wouldn’t consider worth the drive. For me, if I want anything other than Red Heart I have to order it online, pick it up on the rare occasion I travel or I could ask my cousin back east to ship it to me.

Lets face it, the squishing in the store is how we really tell if we want something right? You can’t really trust pictures. And what happens if you run out of a color you’re using!? You suffer and have to wait until it’s shipped to you. That’s no fun, really no fun for a person that doesn’t allow herself to have more than one project going on at home at a time. I have issues with finishing things remember? I can’t have WIPs laying all over the place and that’s exactly what would happen.

And why oh why do I get the disgusted face when I mention that I make baby blankets with acrylic yarn? “You should make them with a lovely cotton.” Why? So a new, sleep deprived mother can add hand washing and block drying to get the shape back into the blanket to the thousand other things she’s learning to do whilst being thrown up on all day? When was the last time you had a new born ma’am? Ma’am? I’m waiting…

Don’t get me wrong, I am not against natural fibers at all. Of course I love them and love working with them but listen here, I have feelings okay? I’m not going to make something out of wool when I am uncertain if someone has an allergy. I’m not going to spend months on a cotton afgan for someone to throw it into a washing machine and dryer and ruin it. Talk about a dagger to the heart. I can’t take it. I ain’t doing it.

No ma’am. I’ll be the outcast over here working away with Red Heart acrylic yarn. Hence forth I shall be known as Stephanie – Controller by day and rogue crocheter by night. Since it’s night time I’m going to wander towards the comfy spot with my Lion Brand Mandala yarn and continue working on this scarf. Mandala yarn which is also acrylic technically far cheaper than any Red Heart yarn you can buy, even the large super savers but no one ever turns their nose up at it… because.. I guess… reasons… right?

I take that back. I’m not finished yet. You know what it makes me feel like? 5th grade. Seriously, 5th grade. Everyone is wearing Nikes or Reeboks and I’m wearing $2 bobo skips. You know the kind. The ones that looked like Keds but without the blue label cause your momma wouldn’t let off the $20 for the Keds and told you the WalMart ones were the same thing? That is exactly the look folks give when you talk about Red Heart yarn. You know the look I’m talking about! Don’t act like you don’t.

Listen, we’re all making beautiful things. We are all equally lovely creatures beautifying the world with our creations. Coincidentally we’re all also adults and some of us should remember that if you don’t have something nice to say you should just keep your mouth shut or fill it with pie. Pie..

Maybe they’re just hungry…

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