I’m slacking

I have not crocheted at all today. I was blessed and got an early start to the weekend and had planned to come home and finish this shawl I am working on but other important things got in the way… Like being lazy watching Gossip Girl and butter pecan pancakes. Lord they were divine. They went straight to my hips but they really were lovely.

The color changes in this Mandala yarn are really starting to work on my last nerve. I am half way through the middle of a virus round which is row three and it’s wanting to change color so now I have to frog all the way to the start of the row… maybe even the round because I don’t know that I’ll be able to handle a mixed round either.

The yarn is soft, it works up well but my personal issues are getting in the way of enjoying it. For my next project of this nature I believe I am going to give Red Head Ombre a shot. Its a little more expensive but I am going to go for it. From the images I’ve seen of other peoples work it doesn’t have an abrupt color change so I might like it.

I really am just rambling now. Its freezing here so I am going to crawl under my blanket, warm up and get to frogging this yarn. I’ll be thankful when it’s over with, that’s for certain.

2 thoughts on “I’m slacking

  1. I’ve not tried the mandala yarn yet but it looks lovely. Those pancakes do sounds fab! we went out to a waffle and pancake shop today and had nutella pancakes with ice-cream. Delicious!

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