I got lost… in crochet land

As I mentioned earlier in the week I wanted to film a tutorial for scarves made using Red Heart Sashay yarn for the group this week. It’s getting close to Christmas and I think it will be a good exercise for them as beginners. They aren’t that hard and in an hour or so you can have a completed project in their hands. It’s satisfying, you know?

Well I spent most of the day actually making scarves instead. I needed some at various stages for the video and I was hoping to find a ball that had a knot in it (who hopes for that but me?) so I could show them how to over come that. Didn’t happen in the first few balls but eventually I found one. I filmed but I learned last weekend not to stay up late so I’ll edit and publish tomorrow. I do not want to zombie myself out again.

Went to the store this morning for a few things and to pick up another cake of Mandala yarn for the group project. I’d like to get at least one more row of granny into the scarf but I won’t have enough left in the second cake to finish this virus round, a round of granny and then another virus. I’m thinking this shawl is going to end up using 2.5 cakes. We shall see.

I hope all of your weekends so far have been lovely. Mine has been calm and extremely uneventful which isn’t an all together bad thing. Quiet is good. Quiet is calm. I like calm. Oh, as a side bar. I poached my first egg today, or tried to anyway. My first couple were a complete disaster so I had to call in the big guns who showed me what I was doing wrong and poached the perfect egg on her first go. Of course. I’d never had one before so it was an adventure. They are lovely when they are hot but once they start to cool down I didn’t care for them at all. I don’t know that it will be something I’ll crave though. Julie from Julie & Julia doesn’t know what she’s talking about. They taste nothing like cheese sauce.

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