Tricks and Treats

Today is Halloween so our home has been bustling with activity. Lots of friends and family but I did manage to find some time to crochet. I started working on a new project tonight, top secret of course until I figure out if whats going on in my head will actually translate through the yarn… then to pattern it out and do a tutorial on it. It was actually requested of me by one of my subscribers which gave me a tickle. My first request!

I really should be working on finishing my shawl but all day long I was doing math in my head and trying to compute if it would work out. I just couldn’t keep my hands away from the yarn. Kind of like how it’s screaming at me right now. I’ve just gotten into the tricky part of it that I was concerned about. It’s laying on the bed, taunting me.

Anyway, I hope you all had a wonderful, safe holiday. Our kidlet brought home enough candy to feed a small tribe’s off spring. To say that I am concerned about the level of hyper activity that will be taking place within these walls over the next few days is an understatement. Bonus to it all? Kidlet doesn’t like Tootsie Rolls so I get them all. Like I need them, I know but… Tootsie Rolls.

Fun fact: When I was growing up I swore Tootsie Rolls were my medicine. They always made me feel better. My Momma would bring them to me when ever I was feeling bad. I was once in the hospital and she brought in the biggest bag of Tootsie Rolls I’ve ever seen. The nurses looked at her like she was nuts. They were my “feel betters.” I may or may not have eaten three while typing this.

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