While it may seem like a small milestone to some it’s rather big for me. My first tutorial, The Virus Meets Granny Shawl has reached 1000 views today. I watched as it happened because I happened to log in and see that it was at 992 views. So I sat there, hitting refresh in the creators studio of Youtube waiting and waiting for it to cross the threshold.

This was a boost that I needed. I didn’t blog about it but I woke up Saturday morning and checked my counts (which has become a habit of mine) and immediately saw in the recommended videos that someone else had also done a tutorial for the same shawl and that in 23 hours it had over 3k views. Granted, that channel has been up and going for quite some time and has a heck of a lot more subscribers than I do but it was still deflating for me. I moped around and whined like a child for most of the day, much to the dismay of those who have to live with me. I know that lots of people do tutorials on the same things and I expected it to happen. I was just hoping for a bit longer than six days as the only English version of it.

So, while it hasn’t gotten quite as many views as the other one it still hit 1000 today and that makes today an awesome day. Celebratory pizza and movie time with the family tonight! The pizza is already ordered and hungry faces are waiting to devour it.

I am going to continue on with my top secret project tonight. I actually took it to work with me today but didn’t get to work on it at all because I was rather busy. My lunch was more of a stuff and go. I’m sure you’ve all experienced those days. It is coming together nicely but there is one issue I am concerned with but I am hoping that it works it’s self out because if it doesn’t then it’s back to square one. Literally.

Until tomorrow! I am off to spend time with the family and bask in the glory of 1000 views and 66 subscribers. Today, is a good day.

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