Some people have additions to things extremely unhealthy like drugs, alcohol or adrenaline rushes. Other folks, like me take things people would consider “normal” and turn them into unhealthy addictions. Like gardening for instance. I once gave myself a heat stroke and a sun burn so bad I had blisters on my shoulders, back and arms for weeks because I literally spent every single moment of sunshine outside in the garden.

Addiction comes in many shapes and sizes. I have an addictive personality, I always have and I’ve never attempted to hide it. I do try however to keep it under control. Even this website, 22 days ago wasn’t a thing. I told myself, self, if you’re still blogging and filming Youtube videos in one year you can buy yourself a domain. I’m sure you all remember how that turned out and if not it’s about 15 blog posts back.

I missed posting last night because I was too wrapped up in my super secret project. So wrapped up that not only did I completely forget to blog but I also completely forgot that it was Grey’s Anatomy night. I’ve been watching that show every week (that it’s on) for 14 years.  I even crocheted through it this evening which is something I never, ever do. Greys and Game of Thrones get my full, undivided attention, always. Only, not so much right now because I am in the throws of a downward spiral. I’ve gone down the rabbit hole. Even now, it’s 10:30pm, we all know what happens to me when I don’t get enough sleep… yet… it’s staring at me. It’s so pretty and it needs my attention.

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