Hooks. The story of disappointment

I ordered a Tulip hook a week and a half ago. I have to say I am a bit disappointed in it. The mail hadn’t arrived by the time I got home from work so I stood at the front door waiting for our mail lady who has absolutely no concept of a schedule at all. After she finally arrived it took me ten minutes to get through all the packaging (perhaps less but it certainly felt like ten minutes) only to find out that it feels just as cheap in my hand as others do. I had high hopes. Even more so since a set of them costs $80 USD. Thankfully I did the smart thing and only purchased a singular for $11 USD.

It is only slightly longer than the Clover hook I have, and I do mean slightly. I have a very small hand but it just doesn’t sit well in my grip, nor do the Clover ones. There literally is no weight to them at all, which I suppose would make them appealing to others but for me I like to feel them in my hand. I like to know they are there.

The handles are also shaped a bit oddly for my hands. Clover are flat handles and the Tulip is more rounded but still rather skinny. I hold my hooks in the knife style verses the pencil so again, I can see how these styles would appeal to others but they don’t to me at all.

Another lesson learned, just stick with what you know and what you like. I like Boye hooks. They feel comfortable in my hand, I know they are there, the handles are thicker than the others and they are cheaper (price wise) than most other brands. Maybe I’ll send these to my cousin. But I should probably film a tutorial on the different style hooks before I do though.

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