Internet Stalking

In recent weeks when I’ve had a particularly stressful day for some reason I have been going to YouTube to watch people hand dye yarn. I’ve no idea why, so please don’t ask me to explain. All I know is it brings a calm to me and helps my blood pressure lower to a normal level.

While surfing around watching these videos I landed on a woman who is known on Etsy and the blogging world as “Light Brown Hare.” I am obsessed with her. Have you ever watched someone on YouTube and thought to yourself that you and the person would make wonderful friends? No? Just me? Okay then…

Well, I watched most of her videos which consisted of hand dying yarn, making stitch markers, her chickens and how they were doing. Her voice is calming and I truly enjoy how she takes time to explain what she is doing and why. I wish she had more videos of her hand dyeing yarn but I understand how she’d not want to give away the tricks of her trade. She does make some beautiful yarn, and I am not a fan of variegated yarns at all but I can still appreciate the beauty.

I am going to leave the links for her Blog, Youtube Channel and Etsy Shop in case any of you are interested in watching her videos or checking out what she has for sale or reading her blog. She’s a bit of a nut like I am and blogs about a whole lot of things. It’s an awesome read.

These links are not affiliate links and I wasn’t paid to say any of this so please feel free to click away. I really do just think she’s awesome at what she does and want to share her with you all. The photo above is also from her blog where she was getting ready to go to a show. I do not own it but man! Look at all that pretty yarn would you please?!

Light Brown Hare on YouTube

Light Brown Hare on Etsy

Light Brown Hare Blog

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