Such a long day!

I feel like this day has been forever and it’s not even 7pm for me yet. I am honestly about ready to crawl in bed and call it a night. The reason for this is because I ended up assisting the Goober with a scarf. It was a very nice, togetherness project that originally started as me just reading the pattern to her but then I ended up working it along side her. She, like a lot of other people are visual learners so it helped to see me working the same stitches with her. When it’s finished I think she’ll have a very lovely gift for someone.

We normally watch Outlander and The Walking Dead on Sunday nights. Two hours of shows right? By the time we finally decided to stop crocheting it was 11pm. So, our shows weren’t over until 1am and THEN it took me eons to fall asleep. Probably because I drank a Mt Dew, poor judgement on my part, I know. I don’t think I fell asleep until 2am or 2:30am and then woke back up at 7am.

It was worth it though. I really dislike it when people say they “can’t” crochet when they don’t try. She didn’t just attempt it, she’s slaying it and I am happy to be helping her. Tonight I am going to hunker down now that dinner is finished, watch some tv and work on my super secret project until it’s time to pick the new scarf back up.

I am running another poll for science as we speak. I’ll talk about that tomorrow evening after I’ve gathered all the data and report my findings. It’s going to be exciting!

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