I won yarn!

I am super stoked guys. I never win anything, like… ever. Tonight I came home and just like any other night did the conversation of how the days were, chit chatted, started dinner and then plopped down to see what was going on in the world of YouTube. As I was sitting a notification popped up for Fiberific’s channel that she was live so I said hey! Lets go watch and participate!

I won a hank of her yarn yall! As happenstance would have it, of course because it wouldn’t be my world if something crazy didn’t happen.. my phone rang literally two minutes before the drawing. It was an important phone call, really important and I needed to pay attention to it. Yall, it’s hard to pay serious attention to two things at once. You know that don’t you? I couldn’t scream that I’d won because… serious telephone conversation but I wanted to.

I can’t wait for it to get here. It’s going to take a while though since she is in Australia but it’ll be a nice squish mail day when it arrives. I will have to film and unboxing of it for the YouTube channel I think. As it would have it, this will also be my very first hand made yarn which makes it all the more special. All the yarn I have used has been manufactured. So cool!

I find her interesting to watch and I’ve learned a lot from watching her so please check out Fiberific on YouTube guys. You can also visit her website and see what she has in stock. The yarn I won is a 2ply called “Pinwheel” in an extremely lovely shade of blue.

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