Gathering ideas together..

The past week I’ve really been thinking seriously about content for my YouTube channel. It started as a way for me to visually show a Facebook Group I put together for beginners how to crochet and I’d very much like to keep it that way. I realize some of the things I film may have been done by others already but the group and their growth is what’s most important to me.

I am going to work towards uploading three times a week and I am going to try my best to film at least four videos every weekend so I can have a backlog of things to use in case of emergencies like last weekend where I wasn’t able to film because the plague hit my house hard.

I am going to have one upload day where it is geared towards beginners and learning stitches. As I said, they may have already been filmed by others but this ultimately is for my group and I want them to be able to learn from someone they are comfortable with and from someone they have at their fingertips. My phone is always in my hand and they all know they can message me with questions and I’ll respond.

I’ve also decided to start a series that will be released every Friday starting next week. The series will end after one year and every week I will walk them through making a square and then we will attach them all together to make a lovely afghan. It isn’t a CAL but then it kind of is. I don’t want it to be something they feel they HAVE to do but my goal is to find squares with interesting enough patterns and stitches for them to learn and gain confidence from.

I am still toying with an idea for the third video that will be uploaded during the week. I want it to be educational for them but not over whelming at the same time. I was thinking about doing something with statistics like I have the past two weeks because I am a geek and I find statistics interesting but the group I normally do those polls in is rather large and the Admin team are pretty tough on their rules. I worry each week when I run a poll if they are going to give me the boot because they are very popular and gain a LOT of responses which puts more work on them. By work I mean people who get offended because you may have breathed in the direction of their continent then report your post or a comment in your post to the Admin and forces them to weed through the responses to do their job.

People just can’t be nice and it’s the pits. It’s true that it is only a handful of people when you consider the group has over 65k members but that handful being jerks will ruin it for the other ones, even more so when the Admin team are extremely PC. In the end I decided I didn’t want to risk it because I enjoy being a member of the group and participating with it’s members. I don’t want an Admin to see my videos where I go through the results and think I’m using their group for personal gain, etc yanno?

I will just have to think on it some more. Maybe it will be something I can do in the future if my own Facebook Page for It’s Crochet O’Clock ever gains enough followers to be able to run the polls there.

That is everything rambling through my mind at the moment. I am going to head back to collecting squares for the Friday project in preparation for filming this weekend for a bit then settle down to watch Grey’s!

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