Color Theory 102 – Blends Gradients and Ombre

Pippin Poppycock

Monochromatic Scheme is the technical term for blends, Gradients and ombre’s

In lesson 101 “The basics” we touched up on Tones, Tints and Shades. These elements of color theory are the basis to creating blends, Gradients and Ombre effects.

Think of Blends Gradients and Ombre as cake recipe, you start of with your dry ingredients and slowly add you wet ingredients, the more wet ingredients added the thinner/lighter the mixture becomes the more dry ingredients added the thicker/heavy the mixture becomes

As we learned in lesson 101, a tint is made by taking a hue and added white to it giving us a tint of color. To create a gradient we simply keep add increasing amounts of white.
Here is an example by taking Red and adding increasing amounts white to create a gradient effect
Tint Blend
The same goes for Tones by adding increasing amounts of Grey

Tones Blend
and the same for…

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