Tutorial: Gypsy Queen Shawl by Pippin Poppycock

It’s tutorial time! With the weather warming up but still quite cool in the evenings Emma over at Pippin Poppycock designed a shawl to ensure that we feel pretty and keep the chill away! This is the first release from Pippin in her new “Pride of the Gypsys” collection.

I’ve done four videos for this shawl to make it easier for you all to get to the specific place you need in the process. Don’t forget to join the Pippin Poppycock Facebook Group and/or the It’s Crochet O’Clock Facebook group to show off your completed shawls. We love seeing everyone’s work! If you’d like to snag the written pattern hop on over to the Pippin Poppycock website where you’ll find the PDF download for free.

4 thoughts on “Tutorial: Gypsy Queen Shawl by Pippin Poppycock

  1. Would just like to say a huge thank you for this tutorial. I’m quite new to crochet and never thought I would be able to attempt anything as beautiful as this, but to my surprise I’m actually doing it and loving the results. Thank you so much for you fabulous, clear instructions.

    1. It is my pleasure Beryl! I am so glad you’re enjoying making the shawl. Don’t forget, if you’re on Facebook to join the groups and post photos of your shawl for all of us to see! <3

  2. A zillion times thank you; I tried following the pattern for this gorgeous shawl but without you to guide me, I didn’t have a snowballs chance in Hell of finishing it. I was making it to wear to a wedding, finished in time & it looked simply magic! You are a dream, thank you. NOW however, I’m trying to follow Spring Blooms Throw & SOoooo need your help :#) Please, take a look at & consider a tutorial on making it! (It’s a wedding throw, with flower motifs along the bottom edge). Hugs, Lisa from Sydney.

    1. Hello Lisa! I am so glad you found my tutorial helpful and that you finished the tutorial in time for the wedding. With regards to the Spring Blooms Throw.. we cannot film tutorials without designers permission.

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