StyleCraft Special Dk Yarn Pegs are finally here!

It took me a lot longer than I expected due to the snafu with my yarn order from Wool Warehouse. Over two months to get all 88 shades but finally they are ready. To those of you who have been waiting patiently for these I say thank you.

You can purchase the pegs here! And don’t forget that I also have peg sets ready to go for Paintbox Simply DK as well here. The Paintbox colors are universal through all of their lines so you only need the one set to choose your color options for them!


For those of you who have never heard of color pegs or what they are used for you’re in for a treat! Color pegs are to yarn what paint swatches are to paint at your local home improvement store. Each screen shows color in a different way so you may see yarn online and think you love the color but then when it arrives it isn’t quite the same. Having your very own set of yarn pegs helps remove this disappointment.


They are also a wonderful tool to have to plan out your crochet or knitting projects. Before I had my own pegs I would try to guess and pray that what was in my head was going to translate to the project. Since then I don’t have to guess. I have all the colors in front of me and I can move them freely around to pick and choose as I like when I want to start a new project.


Once again thank you so much for your patience! I look forward to seeing all the wonderful combinations you folks come up with!

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