How to get started Crocheting!

In this video I am going over the very basic materials or supplies you need to begin your crochet journey and offer some suggestions so you won’t feel so overwhelmed when the time comes. This is not a “how to crochet” video but a “how to get started” crochet video. All of the items I spoke about in the video from yarn to crochet hooks to stitch markers are listed below the video!

Red Heart Super Saver
Paintbox Simply Aran
StyleCraft Special Aran
RedHeart Unforgettable
Yarn Bee Scrubby Yarn

Crochet Hooks:
Boye Standard Crochet Hooks
Boye Ergonomic Crochet Hooks
Susan Bates Bamboo Handle Hook
Susan Bates Plastic Hooks
Hobby Lobby Brand Hooks
Clover Amour Hook
Clover Soft Touch Hook
Tulip Etimo Hook

Other Items:
Darning Needles
Stitch Markers

Some of the above links are affiliate links which means should you choose to use them and purchase the item I will make a small percentage at no cost to you. Thank you for supporting my blog and my channel!




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