Content Theft in the Crochet World (Yes, it’s a thing)

Sometimes we have to talk about the uncomfortable things because if we don’t there will never be change. Content theft is a very real thing in our niche. It is so unfortunate because the vast majority of us just want to create something beautiful and the vast majority of designers want to help us do it. Sadly, there are people who steal from others and generate profit from it. This video is about education, raising awareness if you will. It is my hope that you will share it through social media and help others to be educated as well on the topic. We will never be able to make it go away completely because bad people are always going to exist in the world but what we can do is help our neighbors and friends make informed choices about their purchasing habits.

One thought on “Content Theft in the Crochet World (Yes, it’s a thing)

  1. My 1st time on your channel. I knew there was theft; I’m glad you’re explaining it. Now back to the rest of the video.

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