Patreon, Merch and Crochet Live!

Some pretty exciting things have been going on at It’s Crochet O’Clock these last few weeks!

First is Patreon. You may or may not have heard of it but if you haven’t allow me to explain! In the old days artists often were supported monetarily by Patrons so they could focus on their art instead of having to split their time between the art and work. Patreon is the same thing only a new fangled version of it! There are several different tiers you can choose from $1 to $20 each with their own special sets of benefits. Some of the benefits are exclusive behind the scenes footage of my process, entry into a Patron’s only give away monthly, heads up on current projects I am working on and exclusive merch options you’ll never see in the merch store here.

To give you an idea of how much $1 could be of help to a YouTuber… A monthly pledge of $1 is equal to you watching my video ads all the way through 300 times! I’ve already started uploading content to it, some behind the scenes things and such. This is just another way you can support me if you’d like to. No obligations at all. But these things do add up and it helps me create more content for all of you to watch.

Merch is here! If you look at the top bar of the website you’ll see a link for Merch. There you’ll find t-shirts, project bags and a few other things It’s Crochet O’Clock themed. I’ll be adding things over time to the store but some of you were stalking me for this so I wanted to get it out to you as soon as possible!

Last is the Live Chats schedule. For those of you who do not know I go live on YouTube every Tuesday evening at 8pm eastern time. However, there are several other YouTubers who play with yarn that do as well! I’ve put together a schedule for the ones I know of who have an actual scheduled time each week that they go live. These live chats are so much fun and so relaxing. It’s incredibly wonderful for those of us who don’t live in cities where there are stitching gatherings. It’s like attending virtual stitching gatherings. If you haven’t attended one of my live chats there will be one this evening. Come hang out with us!

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