Mental Health Benefits of Crochet (Saying Goodbye to LB Bonner)

Today’s video is about the Mental Health Benefits of Crochet and saying Goodbye to LB Bonner who was a big part of the My 600LB Life community. Mental Health has such a horrible stigma surrounding it. It is my hope that this message will give you motivation to share our craft with others in your life who may be suffering from mental illness. Below are links to things I spoke about in the video.


Suicide Prevention

The ReWired Soul


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One thought on “Mental Health Benefits of Crochet (Saying Goodbye to LB Bonner)

  1. Wow very moving and so much support offered for those who might need this. Congratulations Stephanie. I have found crochet to be my best friend after I watched my Dad struggle through the last stages of pancreatic cancer and to help me deal with all that gies on afterwards with the stages of grief. I would personally be lost without my yarn , crochet , hooks and my craft friends.

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