Content Theft & Crochet… Again…

Two months ago I created a video about Content Theft in the Crochet world. A lot of folks have asked questions about it, so many that I feel a second video to address them would be beneficial to everyone. There’s also been a few situations pop up that seriously needs to be addressed. I’m going to do so here.

3 thoughts on “Content Theft & Crochet… Again…

  1. This video was awesome Thank you and respect what you are doing in regard to educating about copyright!

  2. This is an awesome video. I love the message about Ravelry and needing to police their own website. So many times I’ve found OLLLLLLLD stuff on there that isn’t available anymore. And like you said, may direct you to a site that is a spam site. No one should be able to post on Ravelry anything that is not their original design (for pattern sales).

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