Big November!!

Hallelujah it’s my favorite month of the year! Not because it’s cooler outside here in the US. Not because of the promise of copious amounts of food, well partly that but it’s Big November at Love Crochet!! If you do not frequent my YouTube channel (why don’t you?) you’ll probably not understand why Big November is such a huge deal. It’s the month of the year when all the uber sales go on, even larger than their flash sales through out the year! I literally save money all year just for this event.

It’s started today and it’s kicking off with a big one! ALL Aran weight yarns are up to 30% off right now on Love Crochet.

Keep your eyes peeled, I’ll continue to update as the event continues and the sales change.


**Disclaimer** This post contains affiliate links. Should you choose to use them I will make a small commission from your purchase at no extra cost to you. I appreciate you supporting my blog and YouTube channel in this manner greatly!

2 thoughts on “Big November!!

  1. Hi lovely lady,
    FInally got my act together and got here. Hope all is well in your home. It was such a pleasure meeting you. We need to make it happen again someday. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a blessed Christmas! love ya! Rothel

    1. I am so glad you’re finally here! I knew you’d make it eventually. Purchasing a new home and moving is stressful but I am glad that it is over for you and that you’re starting to settle down. Hopefully very soon you’ll be settled down enough to start crocheting again, I still think you should force yourself to crochet at least an hour a day. I know there are things to be done but it’s good for your health and your mental well being to do so!

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