PSA: Why Most “Free” Crochet Sites Are BAD!

Today I am sending out a PSA in hopes that it will be shared to help combat the ever prevalent thinking that it is okay for “free” crochet sites, Facebook Groups/Pages and other “free” social media accounts to share patterns because they are free and not paid. I explain why in the video and I hope that you take the time to watch it, absorb it and share it with your various communities.


8 thoughts on “PSA: Why Most “Free” Crochet Sites Are BAD!

  1. Hi, Stephanie! I don’t know you but I applaud you for this video. I’m so upset by those fake crochet sites too, as are all designers I know. I was so discouraged by them in all the Facebook groups that I’ve made my own group and, after a year, we are at 125K members. I post nothing but free crochet pattern links, hundreds each week and they’re all directly to the designer, nothing to the fake middleman site. I love it and it’s the reason people love my group so much and keep coming back for more. They know they can trust what I post. It gives me a lot of satisfaction to help do my part to take these fake sites down. Thank you for everything you are doing! Kim

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    1. Thank you for taking the time to respond and share your story Kim! Would you mind sharing the link to your group with me? You can find me on Facebook pretty easy. I’d love to take a look and perhaps share it with my subscribers and group members.


  2. There is another Facebook page that only shares links to designers pages with free patterns. Somehow I am not able to copy and paste the link. It’s called just free crochet and knitting patterns.


  3. **waves to Kim**

    Hi Stephanie, great video. I have to confess I’m probably definitely one of those ‘look at a pattern, save in bookmarks, go back later’… literally a serial crochet designer stalker LOL.

    I know Kim both from the group above and I think a couple of yahoo groups too.

    The video was particularly useful to me cuz I’ve just started designing… ok let me rephrase that… just started writing down the patterns… with a view to someday possibly publishing so was interesting to learn about the revenue generated by cpm… something that wasn’t taught on any of the Self-Employment set up courses I’ve done!

    Happy Hooking! (PS I’ve subscribed 😉 )


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