Well, I tried!

So at the beginning of this year I saw a blog post from someone where they had saved all the sleeves from their projects through the year. I thought to myself, COOL! I’m going to do that. And I thought I had until this very moment when I sat down to actually look at them. I really thought I had been careful about placing each sleeve into it’s own little baggy but upon inspecting I see that I only have 15 Paintbox Simply DK sleeves and we ALL know that isn’t right.

I used Paintbox DK for my Arizona tester, that is the blanket most of you see behind me during my live streams and that was 15 balls. I used it for testing Havana and I used Paintbox Simply Aran weight yarn for the filming of the Friends Around the World 3 CAL squares that we never released, there’s 13 of those. So these numbers are very off.

I am not even going to go into the “offness” of the StyleCraft labels.

Anywho, here is some fun math for the labels I DO have proof of..

Vinni’s Serina – 121 Yards

StyleCraft Classique Cotton – 1,990 Yards

Paintbox Simply DK – 3,216 Yards

StyleCraft Special DK – 8,372 Yards

Red Heart Super Saver – 1,456 Yards

Red Heart Super Saver Jumbo – 1,446 Yards

That is a total of 16,601 yards or 9.43 miles of yarn! (15.17 kilometers) I really am disappointed with myself for not keeping better track of my sleeves and I am going to try to do better in 2019. Looking at those numbers above I feel like I’ve accomplished nothing this year when I know that isn’t true. Must. Do. Better!

I hope 2019 is filled with as much squishy loveliness as you can possibly handle! I am busy working on filming the results from our best of 2018 polling and I hope for it to be live tomorrow or at the very latest the second. (Fingers crossed)


xoxox – Stephanie

5 thoughts on “Well, I tried!

  1. Haha I usually do this by accident, mine end up in a bag somewhere and I’ll find it in a years time, I only keep them to refer back to when washing or for the fibre content. I might just do this to keep track of how much yarn I’ve gone through.

  2. My sleeves have a habit of walking away. I have found them in places around the house that I’ve never knitted or crocheted in.

  3. I save all my yarn label sleeves when I start a project and I don’t throw them out. I keep them in a sandwich size ziploc bag as sometimes I only keep one label sleeves if I’m not working on the project with a piece of yarn taped to the label sleeves. This pass year I had to upgrade how I keep my label sleeves organize because I had 2 crochet rectangles granny afghan and granny square afghan along with my knitting dishcloth/washcloth. I
    been using for awhile now a little plastic coupon expanding file folders with pocket to organize my label sleeves with the project I’m working a crochet hook size , gauge,name of pattern, website, the designer name/website info, info on the yarn I’m using in project with colors and I do this for my knitting and loom knitting. So I don’t forget or anyone ask any questions about my projects. This is great for any yarn project.

    1. I ment to say I only keep one label sleeves if I’m not working on the project that had been finishes.

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