Beads, Beads, Beads!

I have been getting a lot of questions concerning the beads for Pippin Poppycock’s upcoming CAL so I wanted to touch base with you all and give you some info on the beads I personally chose for the colorway I’ll be filming the tutorials in.


When Emma and I started talking about filming she already had the colors for the Bold colorway however black is part of that colorway and it doesn’t film well at all. During that process I started looking at beads for it and found a beautiful set of vintage rose colored beads that I fell in love with. I showed the beads to Emma and *POOF!* out came the Bashful colorway.



These beads are actually three different sets combined.

This Victorian Rose Set is the original set that I fell in love with.

However when I ordered they didn’t have enough in stock for the project so I ordered a set called Rose Garden to add to the Victorian Rose Set.

Additionally, Emma had planned to design beads into the vines and leaves of the project as well and for that I ordered a set called Tourmaline Tapestries in Violets and Greens. In the end she decided not to incorporate beads on the vines and leaves so I separated out the greens from this package and combined what was left of them with the two mentioned above.


All together I ordered:

1 Victorian Rose

3 Rose Garden

3 Tourmaline Tapestries

I won’t use all of them, obviously but I tend to always over purchase for some reason. Perhaps you’ll see my left overs pop up in another project coming soon. Who knows with me right?


Regardless I hope this has helped those of you who have had questions about the beads I plan to use.





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