The surprise is out now! Good Loops Yarn!

Last night was an extremely exciting evening for those of us who join in on live chats. For a very long time I’ve had to keep to keep a secret from all of you but after a year, the time has finally come to share with the world!

I am launching a yarn distribution company in the USA!


Wait, what? How did that happen?

Well, a year ago Jennifer Botha approached me about something totally different and then it blossomed, exploded rather and viola! We were on the road to creating a company that specializes in importing yarn from over seas to make it easier for yarnies in North America to have access to great yarn without the wait or hassles of customs.


Good Loops will launch on Thursday, February 14th at 5am eastern standard time and are so excited to offer Nurturing Fibres, a brilliant South African brand to you on launch. We will have other brands coming shortly but for now you can bask in the glory that is Nurturing Fibres cotton, bamboo and Merino wool! Make sure you head over and sign up for the email list. You don’t want to miss launch do you!?


Check out the live stream from last night if you want to see some detailed information about the yarn and some of the stunning colors that are offered! The squishy starts about 30 minutes in!


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