It’s Here! Good Loops is OPEN!

Quite some time ago my dear friend Maxine Sutherland sent me a box of yarn. I had no idea that a box of yarn would change my life in the way that it has. Maxine lives in New Zealand but was raised in South Africa, her parents still live there. She travels for visits quite frequently and was shocked that I’d never heard of or tried some of her favorite brands of yarn. So, she shipped some to me.

I loved them. I spoke about them, a lot here and on my YouTube channel and that is how Jennifer Botha found me. Through those reviews she saw my passion for the yarns Maxine had sent me and connected with me. At first I thought she was trying to scam me and I ignored her emails! (Ha!) I am so glad she is a woman of fortitude and persistence. She kept at it and eventually I gave in and spoke to her.


That was a year ago. It has been a very long journey but we are finally here. The game of importing is not an easy one to play. It would be wonderful if we were able to simply feel a yarn, love it and decide to stock it. Unfortunately there are a great deal of logistics that go into importing and exporting for that matter. We’ve learned a great deal over the past year, that’s for certain but it was all worth it.

Now, we can finally make these yarns available to you all! No long waits. No concerns about customs. No crazy shipping charges. The yarn is here, in the US and will be shipped to you from the US. How amazing is that?


Good Loops is now open for business. We are offering six lines from the Nurturing Fibres family upon launch. Keep checking back often because more brands will be coming soon, promise!


A special thank you to all of my Patrons who have supported me through this journey with such love and care. They kept my secrets, celebrated every step forward and held me up through the tough times. This process would have been a great deal harder without their love and support.


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