1 Year of Live Chats and a give away!

Tonight is 1 whole year I’ve been doing live chats. I think in the year I only missed two, or three weeks. Thats a whole lot of live chats! To celebrate I am going to be running a massive give away in this evenings Live chat. In order to win the prizes you’ll need to be watching during the live and participating in the chat so make sure you’re signed into your YouTube account so you can chat. For those that are in time zones that aren’t optimal for being there live there will be one prize given away to a commenter on the replay video. You’ll have to check out the replay it’s self for details.

You can find the live chat here at 8pm eastern standard time!

See you all there!

xoxox – Stef

One thought on “1 Year of Live Chats and a give away!

  1. Can’t wait, but I guess I have to wait. Thank you, Stephanie, you are so generous with your time and talents.

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