Sneak Peek #6 She Sells Sea Shawls

Lauren Howard, a long time moderator for both the It’s Crochet O’Clock Facebook Group and the YouTube channel provides today’s sneak peek! Lauren gives us two different color options. She loved the pattern so much she’s already made two!


Lauren went out of the box as well when it came to choosing her colors for this shawl.

112250021_10221014219017693_5997993464907451308_o (1)

She used Eco Fusion for both but chose a speckled color, Raindrops as her main color and Cobblestone as her accent for this one. How beautiful!


She chose the speckled color Tidalpool for her main color and stuck with Cobblestone for her accent color on this second one.


Puppers is incredibly impressed by her momma’s work! She’s so stylish!


Changing the main color to a speckled really does give the scarf a whole new look!


August 9th! Not long to wait now for the release of this gorgeous pattern!


See you tomorrow with yet another sneak peek! (Getting antsy yet?)

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