Hello there!

I’m Stephanie, the crazy lady behind the screen who types here. I crochet and I know things. Maybe not ALL the things but I do know some things which I suppose is better than knowing no things.

My passion for crochet started as a way for me to clear my brain. Doing repetitive actions with my hands helps calm me down and give my brain something to do that doesn’t require much thinking. It keeps my sanity levels somewhat close to acceptable, keeps my blood pressure levels lower and generally elevates the happiness of my household.

This is my little space of virtual real estate where I’ll post my inner ramblings and projects I am working on that have to do with my crochet obsession. There is no telling what the posts will be about, yarn, a new YouTube Tutorial or perhaps a rave about a pattern I found. You’ll just have to check back frequently to see what I am up to!