Paintbox Peg Party! RSVP Now!

Paintbox Peg Party! RSVP Now!

I've been asked to be a Live Guest in Pippin Poppycock's Facebook Group tomorrow evening (Feb 7th) at 7pm eastern standard time. I'll be there for a few hours assisting people with choosing color ways for the upcoming Arizona CAL and generally just playing around with pegs to show everyone the vast color range Paintbox [...]


I won yarn!

I am super stoked guys. I never win anything, like... ever. Tonight I came home and just like any other night did the conversation of how the days were, chit chatted, started dinner and then plopped down to see what was going on in the world of YouTube. As I was sitting a notification popped [...]

Such a long day!

I feel like this day has been forever and it's not even 7pm for me yet. I am honestly about ready to crawl in bed and call it a night. The reason for this is because I ended up assisting the Goober with a scarf. It was a very nice, togetherness project that originally started [...]