WIPS that aren’t really wipping..

WIPS that aren’t really wipping..

Yall… This is what my at work work in progress (WIP) is looking like these days. I admit that I’ve been rather lazy with my lunch time crochet. Truth be told I’ve been stuffing my face and diving right back into my paperwork which has put me very far behind in the project. Crocodile stitches take a great deal of time. Yes, those are supposed to be crocodile stitches but they are folding over on top of each other giving a wave effect instead of a scale. I am not loving them. I was trying to mix two different patterns together to get an effect that I want but it’s not working out in my favor.

At this point I am thinking I am just going to frog it and start new with something different. I do know that I need to get it figured out though because my goal was to have this toddler sized mermaid tail and a toddler sized dragon tail done in time to ship back east for Christmas presents. I don’t know that I’ll get them done in time. Lets be real here. If I don’t get my act together they won’t even make it back east before the weather starts warming up. I need a fire placed under my hind parts is what I need. Oh, and in case you’re wondering that is a Red Heart Super Saver Yarn in the Wildflower colorway. It’s incredibly soft and squishy. I really love it and I am not a fan of variegated yarns.

The at home WIP is coming along nicely which makes me happy. I am thinking maybe another week on it and I’ll be done with it. I reached the end of my first cake of Mandala last night so tonight I’ll be moving onto another. Issue with that? I am going to have to cut the yarn again I think. The ending color is a dark grey and the start of the new one is grey as well but noticeably lighter. I won’t be able to take it. Toilet paper rolls to the rescue. Am I the only one that winds their yarn on toilet paper or paper towel rolls?

I have to admit that at the start of the project I was not liking the color combination as much as I thought I would when I bought it. Okay, I wasn’t liking it at all but I am glad I stuck with it because I think it’s turning out nicely.

My house is infected with strep, yet again. Two of the four of us have it. I want to buy a bubble suit for myself. I don’t see that actually happening so I am barricading myself in the bedroom with my crochet and Gossip Girl which I just started watching last night. Oddly enough I am already completely engrossed in the story line of it and I am only at episode three. Blake Lively playing one of the main characters I think is helping. I love watching anything with her in it.

Its Wednesday and I’ve been trying to decide what to film for my second tutorial. I have been thinking about doing a tutorial on sashay scarves. They are easy to do and they make quick gifts. I think it might be good for the group to be able to work up something simple and have it in their hands so they get that “I made this!” feeling. Yep, that’s what I’ll do. I have probably 17 skeins of sashay yarn in my stash. I went kind of crazy when I was back home with family in December. That is what happens when you can feel the yarn in your hands and you have coupons, lots of coupons. Mercy…

Okay enough rambling here. I am off to watch tv, relax and crochet!