Frostvale Snowflake (Round Three)

Frostvale Snowflake (Round Three)

Welcome to round three of Project Panache!

I am so excited for you to begin working on our first snowflake, the Frostvale Snowflake from Draiguna! I know for some of you working in number 10 crochet thread is scary but I promise you -can- do this! If you find yourself a little bit too concerned for your liking I highly suggest grabbing some scrap yarn that is a thicker weight and working the pattern using it before you move into the thread. I do this myself and take it a step further by using many different colors of scrap yarn so I can see exactly what happens with each round on the thicker weight before I move into the thread. It helps me greatly understand where everything is supposed to be placed so I am hoping that it helps you as well. Another bonus to working this designers pattern is that there are a lot of photos and charts! You really cannot get stuck with this, truly as there is so much information to help you along the way!

I hope you enjoy making this as much as I have. If you need help with blocking these please see the replay of this live where I go pretty in depth of what I use and how I block delicate items such as these. Don’t forget to join the Facebook group and share photos of your Project Panache ornaments OR ask for help if you need it. The Patrons get access a week early so a lot of them have already worked up the pattern prior and are able to answer questions.

Pattern: Frostvale Snowflake by Draiguna

Yarn used: Aunt Lydia’s Number 10 Crochet Thread in Cream and Copper Mist

Hook: 1.5mm Clover Soft Touch

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