Snowball Express

The It’s Crochet O’Clock tribe are creating blankets for a Christmas Charity called The Snowball Express. This foundation is one of the many that Gary Sinise (Lt Dan from Forest Gump) champions. The Snowball Express is an organization that is dedicated to serving the families of fallen heroes. Each year they take these families on an all expense paid holiday over Christmas and give them gifts while they are there. This is where we come in.

We are going to make blankets to give to the children, over 1200 of them! The Florida Daughters of the American Revolution are running a drive for these blankets. All of our blankets will be transferred to them in March. If you would like to participate the details are as follows:

Question: What type of blankets are acceptable?

Answer: Any type as long as they are handmade. The blankets can be quilts, crocheted, knitted or fleece. If they are fleece they must only be one layer.

Question: What type of fibers are we allowed to use?

Answer: Any type of new fiber is acceptable however I would shy away from fibers that are known to cause allergic reactions like wool. I personally will be using acrylic to ensure that no allergic reactions take place.

The fibers must be free of any odors which includes cigarette smoke and perfumes such as laundry detergent or fabric softener.

Question: What size does the blanket need to be?

Answer: Any size you wish. These children range in age from infants to teenagers so the blankets can be baby size (36″) up to twin size.

Question: Can I post photos of my blanket before I mail it off?

Answer: Please do! Use the hashtag #snowballexpress so we can all follow them and see your lovely creations.

Question: Can I send a personal note along with my blanket for the family?

Answer: Unfortunately no. Your blanket must be free of all identifying markers this includes letters to the families as well as sewn on tags with your brand name or your actual name on them.

Question: What is the deadline?

Answer: All blankets must be delivered before March 5, 2019. The transfer of the blankets to the Florida Daughters of the American Revolution will take place at their state conference which is very soon after this deadline date.

Question: Where do I mail my blanket?


It’s Crochet O’Clock

9181 Camshire Dr

Jacksonville, FL 32244 USA