I have an update!!

I have an update!!

Yesterday I blogged about my lovely squish mail filled with Vinnis Colours yarn and other goodies. In that email I told you all that I was going to email LoveCrochet/LoveKnitting (which by the way are both owned by a company called LoveCrafts) and Vinnis Colours. I am happy to report that both emailed me back within 24 hours. I never had a doubt with these two companies.

First, I have to say this is the second time I have contacted LoveCrafts and both times they almost immediately responded to me. Neither has been a canned response and both times the responses came from specific people in the department I was inquiring about.

My first experience with them was inquiring as to why my state was blocked off from their affiliate program. You see, when I like something, I REALLY like it and I scream it from mountain tops. If you haven’t read the story behind LoveCrafts and know what they are about I think you should. You can find it here. I like companies that have heart behind them and I like working with them. Unfortunately, due to taxation laws I cannot become an affiliate with them but that isn’t going to stop me from singing their praises. First and foremost I am a consumer just like you and they are top notch. My recent Paintbox haul was purchased and delivered by them, you can read about that experience here.

My second was for this topic. Their response came back quickly, as I’ve said from their Marketing/Buying department. Again, I think it’s awesome that they actually funneled my emails to the people who deal with the area in question instead of just sending a random response from a random person. The woman who responded has reported that they have been looking at Vinnis Colours and that she could neither “confirm or deny” that it would be a brand they would be carrying but that they were definitely placing it to be looked at in the New Year. I also passed on some statistical information in the email because.. hello? It’s ME! And she thanked me for the information and said that they would take it into consideration in the New Year.

Another exciting thing? Vinni Nielsen, the founder and owner of Vinnis Colours responded to me herself!


Yes, that is sort of the face I made at zero dark thirty this morning, squinting my eyes half awake reading emails on my phone, whilst brushing my teeth.

While LoveCrafts was being cryptic (in the nicest way possible I might add) Vinni was not at all. I have debated on whether or not to show this to you all but after thinking long an hard about it I’ve decided that if she didn’t want it known she wouldn’t have said it. Her response hits on a few topics we’ve discussed here so I find it relevant information on several fronts. Below is an exert from her email to me:

“I have had a look at Lovecrochet. They will hopefully be stocking my products in the near future. They stock Besweet bamboo. That used to be made by me until 4 years ago. My product continued but was made elsewhere. Recently I was contacted by the new owner of Besweet and I have already sent several Hundreds of packets. The branding will in future change from Besweet to Vinnis Colours.”

See! I told you it was interesting! This means that we all need to keep our fingers crossed that whatever deal is being worked behind the scenes actually comes to fruition. It will mean that the yarn this wonderful company produces will finally be offered at an affordable price point and more readily available to us on a global scale.

It also means that we’ve got solid evidence of a rebrand (re-rebrand?) which is something we’ve spoken about many times here. I love her transparency. I’ll be honest, I’ve never heard of Be Sweet yarn before so I Googled and guess what? Another awesome company! I’ll insert their “about” page here for you to read.

I’ll be watching this closely now, because I am invested.. heart and soul I am invested in this situation now. I won’t be able to let it go even if I tried to. Keep watching friends! The New Year is going to bring some excitingly awesome things our way!