It’s finally finished!

It’s finally finished!

My house has been taken over by a disgusting plague of which I shant be sharing the details of with you here so no video tutorial this week and it’s also the reason I did not blog yesterday. I did however manage to finish the Virus Meets Granny Shawl I started for our group project and in my first video tutorial.


I was only one day late on our deadline which I am not happy about but I am extremely happy that I finished it so now I can move on to other projects. This thing is so massive. I really don’t know what I was thinking. It’s as long as my bed, far longer than my arms can stretch out to hold it and when I fold it over my shoulders the tassels tickle my ankles.


In the end I used three full cakes of Lion Brand Mandala yarn in the colorway Genie. That’s 1,770 yards of yarn and one more cake than I had originally planned to use. I actually told everyone that I was going to use two in my video. Oops! I actually didn’t have enough yarn to place a tassel in every space on the edge of the shawl (thank everything holy) so I placed one in every other space.


Six season of Gossip Girl with some other things in between, that’s how long this took. I watched the very last episode of Gossip Girl yesterday then had to go somewhere private and have a small little moment with myself afterwards. I was chastising myself when I first started it because it isn’t normally something I’d get into or even entertain but I like to binge watch tv shows while I am working on a project and there was six seasons of it. (And Blake Lively, lets be honest.) I had absolutely no idea how enthralled I would get with the show though and now I feel as if I have gone into mourning, like a piece of me is missing. I am going to miss that show.

Now it’s time to move onto other things and devote my crochet time to my super secret project that I’ve neglected for most of this week in order to finish the shawl. I don’t do well with multiple projects going on at once. I normally have one work project to work on during lunch and then another for at home  but trying to balance life and two at home projects was taking it’s toll on me. I am glad balance has returned.