Friends Around the World 3 CAL Announced!

Friends Around the World 3 CAL Announced!

It’s finally here!!

For those of you who have been following the YouTube live chats you know that I’ve been super busy working on filming for the Friends Around the World 3 CAL. So I am super excited to announce that I can finally talk about it and help all of you prepare!

Before we get into the details it’s important for you to know that this CAL will run until the end of June and one square a week will be released and then the border. So it isn’t a very labor intensive CAL. You can also pick and choose squares for your blanket. If you happen to not like the look of a square for a week, skip it! No worries! There will be 33 of them to choose from so you will not be hurting for squares.

Launch Date:

The CAL launches on November 16th and is hosted  by the CALCrochetAlong Facebook group. All of the information will be released pattern wise each week on Friday on the CALCrochetAlong Website.

Video Tutorials:

It’s important for you to know that while I am filming tutorials for most of the squares (20 and then the border) I do not have permission to film all of them. Some designers wanted to film their own tutorials. So some weeks you’ll get an announcement from me and others you won’t. It isn’t an over site, just check the CALCrochetAlong page if you see I haven’t released a video, chances are it is a week one of the designers wanted to film their own. Make sure you’re subscribed to my YouTube channel!

Pattern Links:

The designers for this CAL are from all over the world (hint in the name!) and as such the patterns will be found at a variety of locations. The best and easiest way to find the information for them will be on the CALCrochetAlong Website. All of the information will be there in one place for you to find with ease.

Now for the yarn info!

It’s going to really depend on you and how many squares you decide to make. Since we can pick and choose which to make. The pattern is designed in Aran/Worsted weight yarn but any weight could be used really. Aran/worsted weight will give you a 12 inch square and using Dk weight will give you a 10 inch square. I am going to share some photos from a few of the squares that I’ve made and give you the color combinations I’ve chosen for each set because I’ve made one in Aran/Worsted and another in DK. I purchased 5 balls of each color and then 7 for the border for both the Aran/Worsted and DK sets.

Aran/Worsted Weight Yarn: Paintbox Simply Aran (12 inch squares)

Colors: 220 (Banana Cream), 224 (Pistachio Green), 236 (Dolphin Blue), 249 (Candyfloss Pink), 235 (Duck Egg Blue) and 202 (Champagne White) for the border. Don’t forget BIG NOVEMBER is going on over at Love Crochet and Aran/Worsted weight yarns are up to 30% off at the moment.


DK Weight Yarn: StyleCraft Special Double Knit (10 inch Squares)

Colors: Buttermilk, Khaki, Grape, Vintage Peach, Mocha and Parchment for the border.


Make sure you join the Facebook group because that is where support will be handled for the CAL.


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