Finally! Vinnis Colours for ME!

Finally! Vinnis Colours for ME!

Seriously guys, I have the best friends a girl could possibly ask for. You guys have read me over the past few weeks gushing over Vinnis Colours yarn and how awesome of a company they are. As much as I have gushed I had never actually gotten to lay my hands on any of their yarn. Well, last week that all changed and I’m very sorry I didn’t blog about it sooner. Life is busy during the holidays!

My kiwi friend Maxine had some Vinnis Colours left over that she had taken back to New Zealand with her from South Africa and decided to send them to me. There was a bonus as well! I got two yarns from Black Forrest Yarns which are local to New Zealand, a pencil case that says New Zealand for my hooks and two hand made stitch markers made by Maxine herself. A lovely Christmas card was included as well because she’s a lady and ladies send out Christmas cards. If you’re reading this Maxine thank you again, so so much!

I haven’t worked any of the yarn yet. I still am, at times in awe of it though. It’s sitting on my work station where I touch it several times a day. The Vinnis Colours Serina is 100% bamboo. I’ve never even held bamboo yarn much less worked with it. The sheen on it is so glorious. And it’s SOFT. I mean, really really soft! The one’s from Black Forrest are silk and merino wool. I am so spoiled. I really am. I am currently on the hunt for the perfect project to begin with this Vinnis because I did make a promise to Maxine that I wouldn’t add it to the shrine and that I’d actually work it. Yes, I have a yarn shrine, don’t judge me.

If you go to Vinnis Colour’s  website you can see a list of all their distributers. There is only one online distributer in the US which is Wildfiber Studio in California. If you go to their website and want this particular yarn it is going to run you $9.35 USD per ball which breaks down to .0772 cents USD per meter. Which, is pretty darn expensive if I’m being honest. Yes, I know, it’s Bamboo and it’s hand dyed and hand balled etc etc.. but listen, the most expensive acrylic from last weeks polling was .0255 cents USD per meter. Thats a difference of .0517 cents USD per meter. This is also without shipping which I’m going to say is always going to be the case with this retailer because they are so small. I feel like this price increase is actually due to the astronomical shipping from South Africa to the United States and for the simple fact that it’s “imported” and there for must be more expensive. If you were to purchase this in South Africa it cost 35 Rand which converts to $2.74 USD. That’s a $6.61 difference in price and we haven’t even factored in what it would cost to ship it to us.

I actually think I am going to email Vinnis Colours and email and see if they would be able to carry Vinnis Colours. I think it would be a fantastic move on both sides business wise and would really help branch Vinnis Colours more out into the world. I loved them before I felt them because they gave work to impoverished women in South Africa and didn’t just claim that a portion of their profits were donated. They actually give jobs to people in the community.

Anyway, if you haven’t tried Vinnis Colours please have a look see. If you have any friends traveling to the area I’d suggest passing them a few bucks to pick you up some as that seems to be the most economical way to get it. I’ll report back here if I happen to get a return email from Vinnis Colours or LoveCrochet/LoveKnitting… I am more hopeful about getting a response from Vinnis than I am from previous emails I’ve seen out…. which STILL haven’t been responded to.. not naming names… Scheepjes. Yeah, I’m glaring at you from across the pond. This is my unhappy face.