Eulah Bauble Ornament (Round Five)

Eulah Bauble Ornament (Round Five)

Welcome to round five of Project Panache!

This ornament is going to be the quickest one you work up in this series I believe. It takes me 15 minutes to have one of these done from start to finish! Talk about near instant satisfaction! This is also the ornament many of you watched me agonize over for weeks on the YouTube channel on live every Monday evening. In the end I decided against painting the clear baubles I had initially purchased for Project Panache and simply bought already colored, plastic baubles.

As a side note: Using the baubles and yarn I purchased for this project along with a 4mm hook my gauge did NOT match the designers but it still worked out perfectly. I’m not sure why there is such a vast difference, almost an inch in fact but it did work out beautifully for me.

Was it exactly what I had envisioned? No. Are they still beautiful? YES! However, you all know me to be an honest person so I have to tell you that I was not entirely happy with the baubles when they arrived. Both colors that I purchased were scratched to high heaven. Thankfully the crochet covers the vast majority of the scars but you should be aware that it is a possibility for you too if you order the same ones I did. They do have a wide range of colors though! Truly, some beautiful colors to choose from so I am certain there will be something there for you if you choose this route.

 Don’t forget to join the Facebook group and share photos of your Project Panache ornaments OR ask for help if you need it. The Patrons get access a week early so a lot of them have already worked up the pattern prior and are able to answer questions.

Pattern: Eulah Bauble Ornament

Yarn: Paintbox Yarns Cotton DK in Champagne White

Hook: Clover Soft Touch 4mm

Baubles: 3.15″ Ornaments in Champagne and Brown

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