Sneak Peek #7 She Sells Sea Shawls

Sneak Peek #7 She Sells Sea Shawls

Our very last sneak peek before the pattern releases in just twelve hours! This one is from me!


I used Eco Fusion in the colors Paris and Fawn.


Emma Goodgion of Pippin Poppycock gives us our absolute last peek at this lovely pattern.

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Emma used Nurturing Fibres Eco Fusion as well in the colors Vanilla and Charcoal.


Who doesn’t love a good monochrome accessory? Emma opted to add more of the accent color with her shawl. She changed colors every tenth repeat for those of you who would like to get the same effect.


Just a short twelve hours or so to wait until the release of this stunning pattern! Make sure you check back here for it!

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