Winter Realm Snowflake (Round Six)

Winter Realm Snowflake (Round Six)

Welcome to round six of Project Panache!

This round we have yet another beautiful snowflake from Draiguna! Myself and the Patrons fell positively in love with her work so, here we are again. When you find the best is there really a reason to deviate? I think not!

As I’ve said previously, if you’re nervous about working with number 10 crochet thread… don’t be! YOU CAN DO THIS! Grab some scrap yarns of many different colors and work through the pattern using a different, thicker weight of yarn first so you can see what each round is supposed to look like and where your hook should be going. It really does help! Also, this designer is an absolute doll and doesn’t just give us the written pattern she gives us many photos and charts to help us along in our journey. YOU’VE GOT THIS!

Side note: Yes, there are popcorns in this snowflake. Bonus? The designer has given you OPTIONS! There are two different round fives, one with popcorns and one without. So, if you’re one of my many followers that turn their noses up at popcorns you need not fear. You don’t have to do them! Will they end up looking like mine? No. Will you regret your life choices? I think so but that is a call for you to make.

If you’re concerning about blocking I did a live, in depth lesson on blocking a few months ago. You can watch the replay of that live here which I am certain will help you greatly. In it I share what I use for blocking items such as these and the techniques I utilize to ensure that I don’t hurt the work. You can also watch the replay of me blocking these specific snowflakes here.

Don’t forget to join the Facebook group and share photos of your Project Panache ornaments OR ask for help if you need it. The Patrons get access a week early so a lot of them have already worked up the pattern prior and are able to answer questions.

Pattern: Winter Realm Snowflake

Yarn used: Aunt Lydia’s Number 10 Crochet Thread in Cream and Copper Mist

Hook: 1.5mm Clover Soft Touch

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